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Your Body Is Your Car

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I want to WAKE YOU UP to who you really are! Are you aware that you are a powerful Creator and a self-healing organism? Well, you are! Every cell in your body has a birth, a life and an end, and a NEW cell begins. So, why aren’t you well?

Debra’s Healing Hands can teach you the principles to empower your life.


We are, in actuality, three-in-one, a Mind, Body and Spirit. When we have balance in our life, all three are working together. It only takes one of the three to go off-line or become imbalanced to create a symptom. Symptoms will manifest in any or all the areas of the Mind, Body and Spirit.


How do I do this? Kinesiology (muscle testing). We work with the reflexes of the body to determine where you are off-line. Imagine your body as the car and your Spirit as the driver of that car, and your mind as the computer that controls the functions of your car. Your Spirit knows exactly where she/he wants to go and what to do but if there is a contradiction between the mind,  body and spirit, a less than good feeling will occur and if not resolved your body will go off like a smoke alarm with a symptom to get your attention! I believe that most of us are unaware that our vehicle is driving us around. Kinesiology is a great tool to check your circuit boards (so-to-speak) to see where you are shorting out!


Come along with me, Debra Hale, a Certified Lifeline Practitioner; as I introduce you to the Lifeline Technique! A technique developed by Dr. Darren Weissman. Learn more about Dr. Weissman at

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