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The winter blues is a common symptom this time of year for so many. The weather changes, the temperature drops and people stay inside more to avoid the cold weather. Cabin Fever, being alone, a shortage of work or spending money, not to mention the howl of the wind coming down from the north driving the outdoor temperatures father and farther down the thermometer.

Medically speaking the Winter Blues has been associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as winter depression or seasonal depression. It is in our nature to want to go outside and take in some rays of sunshine. It not only is a source of vitamin D but it helps lift our spirits and ground us and give us balance. So, what do we do to counteract the effect of winter blues?

1. Keep active
2. Go outside
3. Stay warm
4. Eat healthy
5. Get some sunlight
6. Take up a new hobby
7. Socialize
8. Use doTERRA citrus essential oils
9. Talk it through
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pauseToday when the world and time is moving so quickly and you can connect to information, friends and family with the click of a button, there are still times when you need an old fashion pause in the busyness of daily life.

When was the last time you took time out of your day to just breathe and ponder the things you have come to love and enjoy?

If you don’t take the time to create and imagine, then you will rush into the future with the same old backpack on your back, feeling the same and reacting to life situations the same.

If you are longing for change then it is important to give change a chance.  Here is how….

1. First think about what you want to change.
2. Next think about how you want it to change.
3. Third dream of exactly the change you want. If you could have the desires of your heart what that would look like?

When life get so busy that we can’t stop to breathe and awaken our creative forces, life begins to get really frustrating and complicated.  You are each children of God, who Himself is a master creator.  If you are not finding any joy in your life circumstances it is because you are not giving time to one of your basic needs.  Creativity.

Give life a chance, give change a chance, learn to use your God given inheritance and become the creator you were meant to be.

Join us here at The Oneness Center to learn how to awaken your creative forces and how to use them to bring peace and joy back into your life.  Book a session, attend our monthly classes and workshops, such as Making Your Visions Come Alive or just stop by for a visit and let us help you get that amazing person you really are up and happy again. We have some amazing tools.  Check our Testimonials.

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By Debra Hale

It’s November and the month of Thanksgiving; I can’t think of a better time to learn the magic and science of Gratitude. Have you ever found yourself on the bottom floor of your emotions, not caring whether you live or die, or been so numb to your feelings that you don’t feel anything anymore? Me too!

According to Albert Einstein… “Everything is Energy… match the frequency of the reality you want, you cannot help but to get that reality.”  It’s that simple! This quote helped me realize that Emotions really are energy-in-motion.

We have high emotions and we have low emotions. Gratitude is a high vibrational emotion. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by connecting to GRATITUDE!

Example: “I’m so done… I don’t want to do this anymore”

Reframe: I’m so grateful I’m aware that… I’m so done… I don’t want to do this anymore.  Feel the difference?  You are still overwhelmed but you have a glimmer of hope that lifts you up a bit.

Example: What an awful day! I just want to go to bed and never get up”

Reframe: I’m so grateful this day is over!  Feel the difference?

Example: I am all alone, no one is here for me.”

Reframe: I am grateful I am aware of how I feel…. I feel alone!

By being grateful it changes the vibration in your brain and body and gives you hope and understanding as to what to pray for.

Example: Father in Heaven (God above etc.) Please bless me with companionship, hope for a better tomorrow, peace of mind, personal touch, or what ever you are in need of.  God truly is the giver of all gifts.

So when you find yourself on the bottom floor of life, remember to be grateful that you are learning what you don’t want and are getting more clarity about what you do want.  That’s GRATITUDE!



“What is the truth behind fear?” Was the question my client asked me during our session. Wow, that is quite a question, I thought to myself, then in response I said, “Let’s go find out.”

I always turn to God who is the greatest source of light and truth for the answers. So I asked her question to me in my mind to Him.  He taught us then that, “The purpose we came here, (meaning to Earth) is to gain knowledge, which brings joy, and that fear is simply the lack of knowledge. Fear is the feeling behind the unknown. Fear is the feeling that accompanies the lack of understanding. Fear shows you the unknown which seeks to be known. When you have fear, there is lack of knowledge. In everything you fear there is an element of the unknown. For instance when you feared monsters when you were little – there was the element of the unknown. When we fear that someone is standing in the dark, there is the element of unknown. When you fear and think, “Will I ever heal?” There are elements unknown. “Will I be able to start this business and make a success of it”, there are elements unknown to you. So fear is the emotion that goes with the lack of knowledge, light, and truth. Joy is the feeling that comes with gaining knowledge, light and truth.

Then my client asked me, “So what is the best way to make fear my friend?”  I marveled at her question and her wisdom.  Again I went to God for the answer. He said, “You gain the knowledge she came to teach you.”

Then she asked me, “So what is the best question to ask God when I feel fear?” I heard in response to her question…You are to ask, “What are the unknown elements here and what knowledge am I seeking so that I can remove myself from this fear.”

Our whole life is an adventure in gaining knowledge. Life is about growth and progression. Think about it, the only thing you can take back to our God in Heaven when you die is your knowledge. So gaining knowledge about life, about your purpose, about all that you want to know, is the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this life and will certainly help us move forward into joy.

The greatest knowledge you can gain in this life is a knowledge of who you really are and why you are here.

Join us at The Oneness Center where it is our passion, prayer and purpose to help you make the unknown become known.

Life is meant to be glorious and abundant so today, right now if you will, stop for a moment and think… What do I really want to know about my life? Then if you feel we can help you through our services give us all call.

Let us all spread the Joy.  Share what you know with those you love.

Love and Light,
Tannie Bennett

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A heart that is blocked, is a heart that holds fear, a heart that holds fear is a heart that can not fully accept all the glory, beauty and gifts that God has to offer.  A heart that is broken, is a heart that allows the light in.  When light is allowed in, then the fear has a way out.  So if you locked, blocked or are protecting your heart because it has been broken in the past, know that you will never experience the true joy and the true abundance that God has to offer you because that light and love will have no way in.  Love moves both ways as does the wind, the rain, and all life.  You must turn and face your fears if you are ever going to be able to face your God, because it is being like Him that is your greatest fear. Do you fear your power, do you fear your own destiny?

Love, is not the enemy, it is your fear to love that is the enemy.  Do not allow the fear of your destiny keep you from your destiny, for then your life would indeed be a tragedy.

Become all you were meant to be and face the fear that holds you back. Like the shadow in the evening sun; your fear is the shadow cast by the dimming light and it is much bigger when the light is dim.  If you were to look in your heart and face your fears, you would find the truth which is the real you and you will know that the shadow and the fear it cast, was not the real you, it is only exaggerated due to the lack of light. Our fears are always bigger than the true object of the fear, it is a natural law and one that you can observe from the setting of the sun. Lack of light, knowledge, and truth always makes the darkness or what we fear look worse than it really is.  Do not fear the darkness or the pain you hold inside, for it is going through the darkness that the morning light, a fresh beginning can manifest and bring new life.  Joy comes in the mourning.  (that is not misspelled)  Let any and all your fears “come to pass” and allow the glorious joy of light, knowledge and truth rest upon your weakened, weary, hungry soul. Do not hold your heart in bondage, stuck and locked down because of your fears. Face them and you will find it was not that hard. Dear reader, when you get this, your whole world will transform. It will be worth it I promise you.

When you are ready to face your fears let us know, we are here for you. I promise, you will feel significant relief and begin to feel joy once again.

We invite you to call us at the Oneness Center (928) 321 8288 and allow us to help you bring light back into your world, into your mind and your heart.

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Enjoy facing your fears and letting go in this informative 2 CD set

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