Healing actually begins with the desire.  The desire deep in your heart.  It’s a desire for change; it’s a desire to feel better, to accomplish a goal, to arrive or achieve new heights.  Healing is really about change.  What part of your life would you like to change?  Do you want better health, better relationships, better communication, more equitable finances?  Do you want more schooling, more children?  What part of your life would you like to change?  

Healing is connecting to the heart; the heart of the problem, discovering the disruption or disturbance, correcting it and having a different experience. Healing is about change. 

It’s about becoming better  It’s about becoming the best you can imagine or be.  Once you start the process of healing, you embark on a marvelous journey.  Healing is about self-discovery.  Healing is about overcoming your greatest obstacle.  Healing is about change.

How do you change?  We often wondered that as we’ve journeyed through life.  How do you change when you’ve made so many attempts and they all seem to fail?  What is the magic formula or magic button that creates lasting change?  

That’s what the work at the Oneness Center is all about.  It’s about creating lasting change.  It’s about self-discovery. Discovering who you are and stepping into it.  It’s about becoming that magnificent person that you have always wanted to be. 

We all want to become better at something but many of us lack the knowledge, wisdom, or experience to succeed; so, what do we do?  When you can’t get to a goal that you’re passionate about, the resulting experience causes stress.  Every ounce of stress that you feel in your life comes from blocked success; something is in the way of you achieving your goals.  Think about that for a moment.  Think about something in your life that causes you stress. Once you have identified your stress, you realize some aspect of your life is being blocked.  The goal, then becomes to remove the block.  

This is what Debra Hale and Tannie Bennett do at the Oneness Center.  They help you discover what blocks your success.  Once you have understanding, it’s easy to move forward in freedom and love.  Our goal is to become free, to become independent and strong. Our goal is to live life with joy and passion and success; and when our success is blocked it creates stress.  When you can discover the root cause of your stress you can begin to live again; and this is our passion at the Oneness Center, to begin life anew; with new hope, new vision, new focus, new passion, new energy, new strength and gratitude for the very life that you live.  Come Join Debra Hale and Tannie Bennett and begin again.  Get a new start, get a new hope, embrace your passion and your dreams once again;  so that you can fly! 

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