Amazing True Stories

True Stories

Take the time to read these amazing true stories:
They reveal the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude (for me, the ATONEMENT) in our healing and well-being!


One of my earliest success stories was with a four-year-old who was consistently peeing in different rooms of his home. His mother came to me hoping I could help.

Using Infinite Love and Gratitude (IL&G) to bring balance and harmony to his mind-body-spirit connection, we discovered that the imbalance was from disconnected fear created when he was two years old and his father had put him in a cold shower using shock treatment every time he wet his pants. This created a mind/body disconnection every time he had to pee. Fear was the underlying factor! He was able to connect to the fact that he was not to wet his pants but the disconnection between the mind and the body prevented him from holding it long enough to make it to the bathroom.

Once we brought this to his consciousness the problem stopped. I used the mother as a proxy for him. She related the story to me that his Dad thought the cold showers would be enough motivation to make him want to run to the bathroom instead of wetting his pants. After many tears and much consoling, I explained to the mother that the father was only acting out what he believed was in his son’s best interest. The father was not the villain, simply a struggling Dad expressing love and concern the best way he knew how.

How wonderful it is when we liberate ourselves from disconnected feelings of fear,
pain and challenge; it can restore, repair, and replenish all that is needed to obtain a feeling of well-being.


My aunt came to me for a healing massage one afternoon and as I traced her meridians, and massaged her legs, we found blockages that were affecting her 5th Chakra (energy center) located at the throat. Using IL&G to create a balance in her energy centers, we discovered that something fearful and frightening had happened to her when she was 3 years old. She began to cry and felt as if she was in a very dark place. I told her I would go with her and she would be safe. The crying stopped and she asked me if it was important to remember what was so frightening. I answered NO, the spirit knew and if it was necessary she would remember. If not, it didn’t matter. Weeks later as she and her family were planning a vacation to Hawaii; they wanted to include scuba diving. She expressed that she had always been claustrophobic and would pass on the scuba diving. As soon as she mentioned her claustrophobia a thought came to her that she had been healed from that.

THEN, the memory came back to her watching her brother playing in a ditch when the ditch caved in on him and he was suffocating. She began to scream in horror and shock as her other brother told her to stop screaming and help dig him out. If she didn’t help, he told her it would be her fault if he died. She was 3 years old at the time.

The happy-ending to this story is… they did get her brother out before he suffocated and she did go scuba diving in Hawaii and no longer has claustrophobia. The lifeline literally liberated her and changed the quality of her life.


I have seen many miracles transpire in people’s lives through their faith and the technique of the lifeline.

Hope Faith

Faith Precedes the Miracle

A woman came in that had inflammation in both legs, the pain was intense and she suffered from the scars of multiple surgeries all over her body. Using IL&G to balance her mind-body-spirit connection we discovered that the imbalance that created these symptoms came from the fear and challenge of moving forward in her life after being betrayed and abused by those she trusted. We wanted to go to the root where her perception of fear had created these challenges in her life.

Using energy testing (kinesiology), we discovered that the imbalance was created in the spirit and not the flesh. Held in her electromagnetic field (spirit) was the challenge of coming into the physical to experience these type of situations, not just for herself but for those that came before her then died and were unable to connect to and release those fearful and challenging emotions before death took them out of the physical world. (Generational Healing) Encoded or imprinted in her DNA (passed on by her ancestors) was the frequency of fear and challenge creating resentment and paralyzed will in all of them.

I explained to her that the spirit holds all experiences that we have EVER had both in the spirit and the physical. When we are in situations that are similar but not the same as the original fearful moment; we receive a frequency down through the body that says… “Hey, I remember this and I don’t feel safe right now”. We were able to connect to that moment in the spirit and use the Atonement through prayer to white-wash the negative emotions and restore and replace those frequencies with the frequency of Love and Gratitude. Gratitude for the experience for it had served her and taught her compassion and forgiveness. It also instilled in her a feeling or reverence for those who had come before her and suffered so.

The swelling in her legs has gone down immensely and surgery is no longer needed. She is hopeful that her body is beginning to heal on all levels and is humbled by the experience. Her symptoms and scars now have value and have served her well! Recently I referred a client to her for a testimonial of this work and she reported back to me that she also mentioned that her fibromyalgia is completely gone now!

This is AMAZING!

Life Trials

Life is not happening TO you ~ It’s happening FOR you

Life is Infinite!

Finally, on a lighter note, while visiting my brother one afternoon, we were comparing stories about our mishaps, accidents and ailments. He brought to my attention the fact that he cannot mow the grass without having an allergic reaction. I asked him how long he had suffered from this. He response was, “A long time!”

Using Lifeline, we discovered that he had been disconnected from the feelings of resentment and fear of the future that originated when he was 12 years old. The boy scouts had come by to pick him up to go on a hike up to Mt. Baldy. This was something my brother had been looking forward to and loved to do; however, he had forgotten the date and had promised his Grandfather he would get the lawn mowed that day. He had put it off and put it off and had promised his Grandfather he would not disappoint him any longer and would get it done that day.

The boys tried to persuade him to do it later and come along with them, but his conscience prevented him from going. Fear that the opportunity would not present itself again and resentment that he had to stay and mow the lawn was now buried in his subconscious and manifested as a symptom every time he went to mow the lawn. Although mowing the lawn was not the same experience, it was similar and the cells that held the imprint/frequency of that moment were blocked and unable to function properly and manifested as an allergic reaction.

Once he became aware of this experience and connected to it on a conscious level, the symptoms went away and were replaced with love and gratitude; love and appreciation for his integrity and loyalty to his grandfather and gratitude for the symptom that allowed us to identify the imbalance, then release it! His wife is the grateful one here, because she no longer has to mow the lawn…

NOW ~ he can do it!

Green Swirl

Life is rich and full of surprises!

Last, but not least, and I have so many to choose from, but this one is near and dear to me.

I went to visit a client of mine who had fallen and broke her pelvic bone. While we were visiting, it came to my attention that her husband Cliff, had been suffering from a frozen shoulder, the right shoulder. She asked if there was anything I could do to help him.

I explained to him that our body is like our car and our spirit is the driver of that car, or should be; however, most of the time we are in auto-pilot and the CAR is driving us around! When negative emotions infiltrate the car it develops a symptom and shuts down or slows down. He had been taking care of his wife since her accident and several days before my visit, he too had fallen and broke some vertebrae in his back.

Using the Lifeline approach, we discovered that he had disconnected from the guilt he felt now that he was unable to care for himself, let alone his wife. When I brought this to his attention, he barked that it was because he had slept on it wrong. I asked him if he had been sleeping in the same bed and in the same position as he always does and he replied YES! Then why was he vulnerable to a frozen shoulder all of a sudden? He could not answer that question. I explained to him that our bodies and our emotions are all tied up symbolically in the way they express themselves.

I told him that the head is the processor for all of our emotions, the neck represents flexibility (moving from side to side) our shoulders carry our burdens and responsibilities, our left arm loves and nurtures and our right arm provides and protects. Our spine supports the head, shoulders and torso and the pelvic girdle supports all of that. The legs represent movement and the feet represent direction.

I told him about breaking one of my left toes two months after my divorce, and when my ex-husband came over to fix my lawnmower that week, he too had broken the same toe. It was the fourth toe on the left foot representing relationships. To translate, we had a broken relationship. The divorce had created a feeling of fear, not knowing which direction to go, now that I was single.

The funny thing about this experience is when my ex-husband showed up with the same broken toe, I teased him about his broken relationship, but he couldn’t see the humor in it and didn’t accept my answer. I told him if he would face his fears about moving into his new life and experiences and love his toe and be grateful for this awareness, his toe would heal quickly. He didn’t and it didn’t. MINE DID!

Cliff’s frozen right shoulder was symbolic of his frozen emotion of guilt. The right arm, because it had to do with providing and protecting, his shoulder because that is where we carry our burdens and responsibilities. Once he disconnected from the guilt he felt over his inability to provide and protect, not just himself, but his wife as well, then he became vulnerable to injury or immobility. The love energy that helps create synovial fluid to lubricate the joint was no longer being produced and he lost movement in his right shoulder. Just like my toe, I told him. In that moment, he raised his right arm above his head and said, “Good, now fix my bursitis!” We both laughed and were amazed at how fast the shoulder responded once he  was conscience of it and claimed ownership of the guilt. He was back in the driver’s seat!

It is AMAZING how symbolic our lives are!

Guilt Trip

Life is too short, Eternity is too long ~ LET IT GO!

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