Joy.. Is it really possible?

Journey To Joy

A Course about Living And Being in Joy

is all about..⋅.

Getting answers to your most difficult life questions and connecting to the part of you that has all of the answers.

Did you even know this part existed? Well that’s okay because most of us don’t. Most of us feel like our life is in the hands of fate or providence or God, and there is little we can do about what is on our plate. We all want what is best and we all try really hard to do what’s right and make good choices, thinking if I was better I would be happier.

What is it that makes one happy?

Is there a magic formula to happiness?

Is it like the lottery some win and some don’t?

Journey to Joy is all about getting answers to YOUR significant life’s problems. It’s about learning why you do what you do. What makes you tick? Why you struggle even though you are working really hard at being happy. What is keeping you from that goal? You want joy filled loving relationships with your family members but you can barely stand to be around them. How does that work?

Journey to Joy is about letting go of what isn’t working
and getting clear about what you want in your life!

Journey to Joy is about learning how to get what you want and how to become the person you have always wanted to be. Can you think of anything more important in your life than this? Can you think of anything more valuable than knowing who you are, why you are here and how to be truly happy as you journey through life?


Well this is the intent and purpose of this site. To help you learn more about YOUR LIFE. It is to help you learn how to journey through life feeling at times so happy you feel you are going to burst. It is about connecting to the most magnificent part of you. It’s about connecting to your internal guidance system. It’s about learning to trust you and feeling fully empowered and happy. It is about making each day of your life the most magnificent, wonderful, joy filled experience you can. I mean 74 years (average life span) really isn’t long in the eternal realm of things.


So let’s get started today and make the most out of the time you have left!
Allow me to assist you on your journey through life.
Join me and a host of others as we learn, in a step by step process how to…
Live And Be In Joy!

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