The winter blues is a common symptom this time of year for so many. The weather changes, the temperature drops and people stay inside more to avoid the cold weather. Cabin Fever, being alone, a shortage of work or spending money, not to mention the howl of the wind coming down from the north driving the outdoor temperatures father and farther down the thermometer.

Medically speaking the Winter Blues has been associated with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known as winter depression or seasonal depression. It is in our nature to want to go outside and take in some rays of sunshine. It not only is a source of vitamin D but it helps lift our spirits and ground us and give us balance. So, what do we do to counteract the effect of winter blues?

1. Keep active
2. Go outside
3. Stay warm
4. Eat healthy
5. Get some sunlight
6. Take up a new hobby
7. Socialize
8. Use doTERRA citrus essential oils
9. Talk it through
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