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Let You Life

Tannie has what you have been searching for.
She has remarkable intuition and has a keen sensitivity
and ability to identify and read the finer energies.

She is
a Certified Master Level Rapid Eye And Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
with years of experience.

Her unique focus is on your divinity, your greatness and gaining
the life experiences and tools you need to live your life in Joy.
Tannie’s sessions are uniquely created for each individual client.
No two sessions are alike.
Your strong passionate desire for change is
just what is needed to contribute to the
amazing results
you can have with Tannie.


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Types of Sessions Available


Basic Stress Release Session

Basic Stress Release SessionClear your emotional blocks and pain with The 8 Step Oneness Process, Hypnosis, and Imagery Therapy; all very effective clearing tools that will significantly release your stress and anxiety and change your life today.
$75.00 per hour


Field Reading Session

Field Reading SessionWe each have an electromagnetic energy field that is loaded with information. Discover what is in your field that is affecting you each day, discover why you do what you do and why you can’t get to the things you love. Tannie will help you discover this amazing information. Learn the affect others can have on your personal life goals and creations and learn effective tools to clear it from your energy field. These sessions are amazing. Book your sessions today!
$75.00 per hour


Spiritual Contract Session

Spiritual Contract SessionA Spiritual Contract Session is intended to assist by giving you clarity about the experiences in your life. Why you have certain people in your life and what are they to teach you? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why no matter how hard you try, this obstacle, situation or opposition is not leaving your life?

$75.00 per hour ~ a 2 hour block is recommended


Aqua Chi Revitalizing Foot Bath with Debra or Tannie

Aqua Chi Revitalizing Foot BathBasic energizing cleansing foot bath. 
$40.00 for 40 min


Aqua Chi Revitalizing Foot Bath with doTERRA essential oil massage

Aqua Chi Foot Bath with doTERRA oilsChoose one of our four wonderful doTERRA oils to enhance your session. 
$50.00 for 50 min


Let your life be the next miracle


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