Total Body Sessions

Total Body Session with Debra & Tannie

Total Body SessionsDebra gently massages and moves the energy through the body; opening up and cleaning the pathways, meridians, lymphatic system, chakras and more… which allows the energy and fluid to flow on a physical level. Tannie reads the energy and narrates the movement for the client. While Debra is working on the body, Tannie gives the client understanding as to what created the symptoms, blockage or challenge in their life. She reads their story or the events that created the pain, obstacle or challenge in their life. Once understanding is gained an automatic shift occurs. This is a must have experience for those of you that are truly serious about changing your life. You will love these sessions. 
$100.00 per hour


Total Body Session ~ Orientation ~ 10min


Total Body Session ~ Orientation ~ 41min

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