Energy Healing

Energy Healing

An introduction to the possibilities
By Tannie Bennett


Energy Healing
is a Divine process, solidly based in science and
backed by years of research and experience.


The intention of these amazing processes are to relieve stress and give you tools to help bring you back into wholeness, balance and joy. Stress is the foundation of most of our present health issues. The possibilities and results of these amazing tools are far reaching and it will take some experience to fully comprehend them, but discovering their potential is very exciting and enlightening.

Once a sweet lady totally stressed and overwhelmed with life came in for a session. I was personally acquainted with this woman. I looked at her and thought, “Wow, this definitely is not one of your best days.” In fact she looked totally beat up by life, her energy and focus was scattered, her complexion was splotchy and red and her face and jaw appeared out of alignment. I remember as I worked on her I could hardly believe what I was witnessing. As I worked my processes on her, her face began to change and her complexion turned a beautiful pink. As we worked on releasing her stress and turned her focus to her beauty, talents and gifts, her true self began to emerge. The change after one session was incredible. I thought, “Wow this is amazing.”

A few short minutes after she arrived home I received a call from her sister saying, “Tannie what did you do to Sarah? She looks fantastic!” The change was noticed by her entire family and needless to say I have had many opportunities to serve that family because of the results they saw in Sarah.

I have loved seeing these results in my clients, but most significantly I have loved the changes these processes have brought into my own life. This work is amazing. I love what I do and I love what I teach. Join me and discover something new to love.


How It Works


Energy Healing physiologically as well as psychologically opens up the neuro pathways where memories of our personal, as well as DNA inherited traumatic experiences are trapped and stored. Tannie will assists in releasing your trapped trauma, stress, negative patterns and limiting beliefs, which will allow you to make new choices about your life.

Tannie uses many tools to effectively assist in the release of stress and negative emotions. These tools consist of Imagery, Into the Heart Process, and The Eight Step Process which is introduced and taught in Tannie’s Book Journey to Joy.

Tannie’s sessions begin by creating a rapport with each client, helping them to feel comfortable and informing them what they can expect from the session. We discuss why you are here and what you hope to achieve from your session experience. From this information we set a basic intention. This is a very important part of the process because an intention is the tract your session will run on. It is all about what you want and what you want to achieve from your sessions.  We begin the sessions with the client expressing their intention and then their emotions. It is not necessary to give detailed stories about your personal life. All we need is basic information and basic emotion. From this information we are able to complete the process of releasing negative emotions and trapped trauma.  This is a safe and gentle process and very client friendly.

You are in the driver seat and Tannie as a practitioner is merely your tour guide that assists you by knowing where to go, how to get there and what to do when you’re there.

Our intention is to first go to the core of the problem. When the core is reached, all forming attachments to this problem are subsequently released as well. The proof is then found in the life changes this process will bring. You will feel the difference in your life.

The changes are often subtle at first because our patterns are to pay more attention to what feels bad than to what feels good. When we feel good our mind quickly heads in the direction of the next problem. But you will feel change.

Clients that are extremely motivated and focused seem to experience the most profound results. Remember as I mentioned before, you are in the driver seat.


Your focused powerful intention will determine if you receive focused powerful results.


Throughout the process, as well as throughout Tannie’s Journey to Joy Course, you will be taught techniques to assist in self-care. The only time these techniques do not work is when the client forgets to use them. There are many tools to assist you. Once these tools are mastered, you are then in a position to assist those around you and our world then improves one life at a time.


Energy Healing is effective in treating many issues.


We all have personal, family, and relationship patterns or areas in our life we would like to change. Clients report they feel immediate benefits, experience wholeness, resolution and joy from their sessions. One client at the conclusion of his session said, “Wow that was great! Let’s do it again!”

Hypnosis, Imagery Therapy, Into the Heart Process, The Eight Step Process, and Rapid Eye Technology are great tools to help you experience the life changes you have always wanted, but have been unable to achieve in the past.

Once we are free from limiting patterns and behaviors set up from our past, then our energy is open and free for creating a healthy, joy filled life.


Tannie’s processes are effective in treating:


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Money Problems
Panic and Anxiety
Birth/ Inner Child Trauma
Spiritual Issues
Death and Loss
Relationship PatternsLoneliness
Work related Issues
Fears, Phobias, Shock and More…


Your personal sessions are intended to promote balance on
A Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level.


Experiences Using the Tools

Once while visiting my daughter who was living away from home at the time, the phone rang. Being quite late at night I thought it was my husband calling to say goodnight to us. I went to her bedroom to check. I sat down on her bed and listened as she spent several minutes consoling someone on the other end. She kept repeating herself, evidence of a bit of struggle. I asked her if I could listen and perhaps help her out. She agreed, I then became very aware of why she was repeating herself. On the other end of the line was a young man who lost his prestigious job and his girlfriend all in the same day. It was more than he could handle. All we heard was uncontrollable sobbing.

At that point I signaled to my daughter to use a technique and tool I often use in my practice. She asked this young man if he would try something for her. He agreed. She then coached him in the process and no sooner did he apply the technique, than his sobbing sputtered to a screeching halt. It was amazing and my daughter was much relieved, not to mention how much better the young man felt.


Your tools they work!


“Tannie, so there I was… home from your Seminar, tired and in a PMS slump. I asked my husband a question hoping his answer would include something about how happy he is to be married to and that he can’t imagine life without me. Not getting that at all, I made it through dinner then retired to our room where I lay on the bed, my wounded feelings bleeding all over the bed spread. I reached up and applied the tool you taught and what do you know… the tears dried up and I recovered my composure! Yippee!!! Thank you for giving me a simple tip that has already made a difference in my life. You were great today.” -Keli

This is only a beginning… the best is yet to be felt as YOU embark on this Wonderful Journey of improving your life, and releasing your stress, one day at a time.

This is only a nugget of possibilities. Come join me and a host of others who have experienced the effects of these amazing processes.


After Clearing Sessions what can you expect?
A sneak preview.


After your sessions you will experience a newness of life. You will experience the same life situations but in a new energy and with new intentions and feelings. It is really quite exhilarating to experience these changes in your life, when in the past you have tried so hard to change and nothing ever seemed to work. When you get to the core of the problem and reconnect your heart and mind you will experience lasting change.

After your sessions you are going to have a different experience. Watch for the subtle changes. Set your intention now to recognize and be aware of the positive results of your sessions, because they just suddenly appear. All of the sudden you will notice for a moment in time that your life is different and you are no longer responding the same way. Even the people around you are behaving differently. Believe me this part gets pretty exciting and joyful.

Probably the most significant thing I have experienced after my sessions has been an enormous sense of relief. When we are finished I feel light and happy where as only moments before I was in a rage or crying my eyes out or simply sad and stressed. After my session I feel at peace and I feel like my old happy self again and I feel I can embrace another day. I love improving my life with these wonderful processes and tools.

It is common however after you have felt the newness of life post session, to dive back into the stress of drama. Don’t become disheartened at this, it is called life. Think about the tape on a heart monitor, it has its ups and downs. Flat lining is not what we are going for right now. Life will always present its ups and downs. Tannie’s goal is to help you through those tough times with grace and ease. She wants to help you get the understanding you need to shift out of those negative feelings. As you continue your sessions with Tannie or take her classes or buy her CD’s, you can learn how to move in and out of your trials with ease. This is a journey of discovery, but it’s well worth the time and effort because that feeling place when you’re done is sooooo divine. Think about it, wouldn’t you like to get to the point where you could go from feeling like you are on the bottom of the barrel to feeling like you are on top of the world in just a few minutes? Then call Tannie and she will gently guide you to that end.


What clients are saying about their Sessions with Tannie.

“I have been in traditional therapy for seven years and I have made more progress in three sessions with Tannie than all seven years put together.
Thanks Tannie I love you..” – Celeste

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Taking Good Care of Yourself After Sessions




Drink Water

Keep Positive

Love Yourself


After you have experienced your first and subsequent sessions it is extremely important to take good care of yourself. You have worked harder than you think.

The first significant step after each session is to be sure you are well grounded. You may feel a little disoriented. Grounding is a process that brings you back into the present moment, becoming conscious of your physical surroundings. It is basically the equitant to waking up. You have been in a very relaxed state, you will need to become conscious and alert so that you may return to your homes in safety. Tannie will walk you through a basic grounding routine at the conclusion of each session. Drinking water, eating a mint or applying strong mint oil to the tip of your tongue or to your temples will help. Deeply breathing in the outside air will also support you in becoming present. Rest is vital to create balanced wellness, especially after a session. You have worked harder than you think. Take the time to receive the needed rest. If you make too many demands on the physical body, the greatest energy worker in the world will not be able to help an exhausted body. Rest is highly recommended after each session. Drink a lot of water. Water helps the body release toxins and energy will flow better through a well hydrated body. This will also facilitate your release work. You may add additional support by adding ¼ teaspoon of Sea Salt to every 8 ounces of water you consume. The additional sea salt will help to hydrate the cells in your body. Our bodies are electrical in nature and the electricity flows better through salt water than purified water. You want the energy to flow through your body. Dammed energy causes pain.

Take a Baking soda, Ginger root powder, or Epson salts bath. Simply pour ½ cup of one of those ingredients into a very warm bath, sink into it and relax. Play one of Tannie’s imagery or affirmation cd’s, breathe in deeply and enjoy.

Taking good care of you is always the right thing to do.

Keep your thoughts on the blessings in your life. Look to the good in all you do. Try to be as positive as you can about your current situation. Thinks positive thoughts, if you start to feel down you are thinking downer thoughts. Simply adjust your thoughts to something that will help you feel just a little better than you now feel. A little boat can survive on a big ocean for an indefinite amount of time as long as it doesn’t let the water in. You too can survive in a big ocean of doubt, fear, loneliness, and depression as long as you don’t let it in your mind. Keep your thoughts up and you will stay up. That’s all it takes to keep you moving in the right direction.


It is time to really take good care of yourself.
You deserve it.

Quick Review:

  • Be sure you are well grounded
  • Rest when you get home you have worked harder than you think
  • Drink a lot of water ~ Energy flows better through a well hydrated body
  • Take a cleansing bath
  • Keep your thoughts positive
  • Love yourself ~ You are the best!!!


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Simple Stress Release Processes to do at Home

Taking Good Care of Yourself at Home
With Breath Work:

If uncomfortable emotions surface during your daily routines, acknowledge them by recording them in your emotional journal with the intention of releasing them at your next session. Or let the emotions surface with acceptance, gratitude and love and release them as directed below:

  • Acknowledge the negative emotions you are feeling.
  • Set your intention to release these negative emotions you are feeling with your breath.
  • Focus on the negative emotion. Take a big breath in. As you inhale imagine the breath wrapping itself around the negative feeling. Then as you exhale, the negative emotion is released with your breath. Sometimes dropping your jaw and pushing out the breath in a powerful way will help.
  • Continue this process until you feel relief. As you are working this process, often new negative feelings will enter your mind as the original ones are released. Continue releasing until you are in a balanced state.
  • If you are unable to shift your emotions after a significant attempt, this is an indication that you are working with a deeply seeded belief or pattern. This may be a pattern or issue you will want to run in your next session. Take note of it by writing it down as your intention for the next session.


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