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Journey to Joy: A Course About Living and Being In Joy

“I marvel at the awakening and new understanding I received!” – Sally

“I watched the course member’s transform before my eyes… it has been a life changing experience!” – Lora

“This course has changed the inner most core of my being. I have learned how to ride the waves of adversity and maintain balance, peace, love and joy.” – Sylvia

“It’s a miracle! Thank you, thank you. Thank you for this wonderful program.” – Jana

“I face each day with new courage. I laugh more, love more and enjoy my family more than ever. This journey cleansed my soul and left me yearning to learn more, to reach new heights and expand myself… it has forever changed my life.” – Sandy

“… I was able to release so much pain, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and even despair that I have carried deep in my soul for over fifty years! I have not felt this kind of peace in many years… I thank you.” – Lewetta

“On my Journey to Joy I found ME and then I found CONFIDENCE in me. Now, by knowing who I am, life has been a lot easier and much more fun!” – Leah

“This is the “How To” course for accessing true joy.” – Marcelle

“An inspired work which taught me to find peace and joy by inviting God into every aspect of my life. This course has forever changed my life.” – Danni


Working With Tannie

“Tannie took me on a journey of self discovery, healing and new beginnings. She helped me discover my true self and my divinity which I had forgotten because of the fear and anger I let dominate my life. I am so thankful for the tools she gave me to help me always stay on my “high” and to help me dance, laugh and breathe each day. All I can say is I love the journey and experience and look forward to continuing the joyful journey. Thank you Tannie for blessing my life with the miracle of the class. I am eternally grateful.” – Debi

“I love this class and hate when I have to miss it. I want to share what I learn with others. I think everyone should come and hear it. It was wonderful.” – Anonymous

“This is truly a masterful work of spiritual healing therapy. Thanks so much in sharing it with us.” – Norman

“The class has been awesome. I am so thankful; I have learned so much and feel like it is a new beginning in my life” – Anonymous

“The Spirit bore witness to me that this class will be life changing for me “IF” I will follow the instruction and listen and proceed forward. This class is a direct answer to fasting and Prayers.” – Anonymous

“My soul leapt at the possibility of moving from survival mode to fully living mode, which is what Heavenly Father wants for me. Now, I will choose to connect with God and the God within myself. What an impact this will have. Thank you for sharing it with me.” – Jennifer

“I love your guided imagery CD; I think it is impeccable. The gently flowing tones of your voice, like cool breezes, relax and refresh. Its powerful images moved me profoundly. I am not the same after having experienced it, and I find myself believing that, like Pinocchio, after his encounter with the Blue Fairy, I am somehow more real because of your gift. Thank you for being who you are.” – Cathy

“I can’t even express in words what I saw, or what I felt, it was just a deep abiding joy. It was exactly what I wanted, that peace and joy. I feel like a better person with more light to share. I feel like every smile I give comes from my spirit and has the ability to touch another person. The imagery was so beautiful that I just wished it were real, right now.” – Amanda

“Listening to the CD gave me an overwhelming sense of peace and Joy. I have never felt the way that I did. When I heard these first two pieces, the joy that I felt as I really listened… was amazing. It makes each individual person feel like they are special and that they really are here for a purpose. I know that it has the power to change a person’s life. Tannie thank you so much, you are amazing.” – Bonnie

“I love my sessions. I come in feeling crummy and leave feeling great. I feel like I would love one every day. I wish everyone could feel the shift after six sessions and the hope it gives.” – Bobby

“I loved doing my sessions. The more I do them the more fun they get. I also greatly enjoy seeing the differences in my life and in those around me as I clear out my issues and DNA.” – Christie

“Tannie is a great teacher because she teaches from experience and from her heart.” – Judy

“I am not afraid of crashes anymore because I can now see them for what they really are. I find them intriguing and exciting because they are the means to having what I want. I love to look at them and see what I wanted to learn. The roadblocks (oppositions) truly are blessings teaching us what we came to learn. It actually makes me feel so special that everyone and everything is serving me by playing out for me the opposition I wanted, to get the learning I chose. The whole world is at our service! Heavenly Father’s plan is so amazing. I have made HUGE progress. I am flying!! I love this work and it is changing my life because I am changing my view. It is beautiful from up here 🙂 Thank you Tannie for being willing to serve God in blessing His children. I’m so grateful to be a beneficiary of your willingness and of God’s infinite love!” – Tiffany


What Tannie’s clients are saying about their session experiences

“I have been in traditional therapy for seven years and I have made more progress in three sessions with Tannie than all seven years put together. Thanks Tannie I love you.” – Celeste

“I have loved my sessions. I come in feeling crummy and leave feeling great. I feel like I would love one every day! I wish everyone could feel the shift after six sessions and the hope it gives. I have learned so much about me and I have found more peace in my life.” – Bobby

“Tannie Bennett took me on a journey that has forever changed my life. I am amazed at the things that I learned about myself. I discovered why I think the way I do and why I react the way I do. Life has become joyful and fun and I am discovering new things about myself on a daily basis. I face each day with new courage. I laugh more, love more and enjoy my family more than ever. This journey cleansed my soul and left me yearning to learn more, to reach new heights and expand myself. I don’t doubt myself anymore. I see myself in a whole new light. I look forward to more journeys with Tannie so that I can keep discovering new and wonderful things about my life.” – Sandy L

“My personal sessions with Tannie have all ended up being personal parables, like a mini video. The images that I walk through, are simply orchestrated and quite spontaneous, spiritual experiences. I simply hand over the monsters of my life, packaged in a neat bundle, like a rock, to a being of Light and he takes them and turns them into light. My path is clear, and my reframe blossoms as a flower with a sweetness that fills the air. I then feel grounded, complete, and light, with joy in my heart. All this in about 20 minutes. I love this process.” – Sylvia

“Thank you for validating my experience! I just want to get on with the work so that others can be healed as profoundly as I have been. Knowing that I have only begun this work and have only “touched the tip of the iceberg”, has made me anxious and excited to get moving. I want to continue with the feelings I have been experiencing and I want it to touch every aspect of my life. I’m ready to be taught all the lessons I have to learn. I am willing, ready and able to follow the path that is laid before me. I don’t think you really know how grateful I am for you. You have been a total blessing to me. I have been so inspired by you. You have helped me have the COURAGE TO OPEN MY EYES. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH.” – Lora

“I think the thing I noticed almost immediately afterwards was I felt like I could breathe again. I didn’t realize how much I WASN’T breathing… until I could. Since my session I have noticed lots of other things as well. The biggest change I think I have noticed is this new desire to do all those little things that I wanted to do in the past, but I felt I couldn’t for one reason or another. Things as simple as taking the initiative in a conversation or project, and even going back to school, which is something I longed for, but for some reason I just felt I couldn’t. I’ve noticed I’m a little more proactive with my life, rather than just sitting back and waiting for things to happen. It’s like the fear and even apathy that kept me from accomplishing these things before is gone. I find that I am happier and at little more at peace with who I am. Not that my life is perfect now, but I feel good and I am content to keep trying, and to better myself everyday, whereas I wasn’t before. Thanks so much for sharing your gift!” – Bethany

“A few years ago my life changed for the better after having sessions with Tannie. I experienced tremendous relief from the stress of sexual abuse. Before my sessions, my outlook on life was hopeless and I thought that I was not to feel joy ever again. Wow, now after my sessions, I feel joy and hope. When problems occur in my life I can deal with them without all of the “DRAMA” and struggle that I used to experience. Tannie skillfully and gently provided a very comfortable and trusting environment for me to work. With her skill and this winning technology, my sessions sailed by with light speed and ease. I am forever thankful for my sessions with Tannie.” – K. S, TX

“Tannie Bennett has such a gift, she is an amazing energy worker. She has the ability to bless all those she comes in contact with. Just hearing her voice sooths my soul, uplifts, and me comforts me. She makes people feel like they can do anything. Her abilities are astounding, as she always holds everyone in unconditional love, and I always feel safe in her presence. Thanks Tannie.” – Dani, UT

“Having a session with Tannie is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. It is like stepping into a higher sphere. Her rare gifts and talents have helped me wipe the mud and grime off my windshield of life so I can see clearly to become my best self.” – Tamara, AZ

“I love my sessions with Tannie, she has great intuition and she follows it to help you in the best way possible. I call it cleaning house because we really get to the nitty gritty and throw away the garbage. For example, I was given the homework to write my family script (negative things my family was saying). In my next session with Tannie we worked on those sayings. My family has not said any of those things since and they don’t have a clue about what I was working on! It is amazing! In another session I wanted to work on feeling and expressing love better. I was amazed to get home and have my youngest child who is usually quite reserved open up and squeeze my neck with glee.  She felt the change in me and has been so much more fun loving ever since. This is leaps and bounds past the regular counseling or therapy. It is quick and right to the core, you can see results immediately. My family and I are becoming better and happier people, it is great!” – Beth, AZ

“My sessions with Tannie have literally changed my life. How? I’m not afraid of my life anymore. I don’t have a college education (yet), and have depended COMPLETELY on my husband. Now facing divorce I’ve gone from scared, co-dependant, a “what am I going to do” state, to becoming completely independent, working my way through school, and have an amazing future in front of me. The HUGEST change is that I AM NOT AFRAID, and I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF. Life has become a dream that I am continually enjoying because I’m learning to create it! Everything I’ve wanted I’m creating. Best of all, I’m doing it on my own terms and not through someone else! My future is so bright. When I first came to Tannie, I was panicky, scared, and emotionally exhausted. Tannie has assisted me in clearing the “debris” that was keeping me from seeing who I REALLY am. She has helped me discover her, she has helped me see my true self, and you know what I saw?  Me, to like the 10th power, and I love her. I love being ME!  And there’s nothing I can not do.” – Lovinna, UT

“Tannie, thank you! Thank you for listening and accepting the “assignment” to bring this pathway of gentle yet powerful imaging to those desiring to walk the path to “wholeness.”  As I reflect back over the session we did on the phone I marvel at the awakening and new understanding I received as doors and walls were removed. I am so very grateful for the sense of peace and joy it has brought into my life! Thank you!” – Sally, TN

“As I entered Tannie’s office I felt a peace that encouraged me to stay and find out more. Through my sessions I was able to open doors in my mind that had long since been barred, helping me to understand where negative thoughts and impressions had been formed and how they continued to affect my choices, actions and ultimately my life. I was able to see the positive relationships that uplift and encourage me to reach my potential. With clarity that only comes through the Holy Spirit I was able to understand my great and eternal worth. With healing that only comes through the atonement of Jesus Christ I was able to remove from my thoughts negative feelings and impressions that were impeding my progression toward exaltation. I realized that the Lord was not being taken out of this healing equation, instead I was being guided through the barriers in my physical being by one who understood better than I, to come unto Him. I continue to turn to the Lord daily for instruction and inspiration through the Holy Ghost but I am grateful for my experience with Tannie. I was so moved by the experience that I plan to work in the field eventually to help others in the same way I have been helped.” – Stasha

“I am so grateful that I met Tannie. I have grown so abundantly. I have changed and become more confident in my own power and in my divinity. I have cleared so many of my family and DNA patterns and feel so much freer. Because of my sessions I have felt that I will get a new home.” – Cindy

“Tannie, I just want you to know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me. We have been doing sessions for quite sometime now and I have felt many shifts and gained great insights. However our session yesterday confirmed without a doubt my testimony of the value of your work. I can’t tell you just how amazing the change in my life that session has made. I was able to release so much of the pain, anxiety, guilt, remorse, and even despair that I have carried deep in my soul for over 50 years! Much of it wasn’t even mine but I had received from generations before me. I have not felt this kind of peace in many years, I didn’t know it was possible. Today I find hope and an assurance that all is well, I’m on my right path and the desires of my heart will manifest.  Everything will be all right. I look forward to our continued work together. You are one of my greatest gifts. I thank you and love you with all my heart.” – Lewetta

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