Joy.. Is it really possible?

Making Each Day a Joy Filled Experience.

Having Joy in your life is not something that will just happen. Joy is a goal to work towards, an intention, an area of focus, an experience of choice. Everyone wants to be Happy. Most of us experience days or moments of Pleasure & Happiness. But too often Joy is like a vacation, we only go there a few times a year. And… like vacations, some us never go at all.

Is this what you want for your life?

Well… neither did I. So I made the choice to have Joy as my goal, a very significant goal. A goal I was going to achieve. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But I knew God knew the way, so I asked Him for help. Help arrived.

The first thing I learned was that if you want Happiness, real true Happiness then you need to get all the stuff that is in the way of your Happiness, out. You need to clean house. So that’s what I did. I began with a great clearing tool called Rapid Eye Technology & then through guidance & inspiration I developed the Eight Step Oneness Process; (A process you can do on yourself) which is taught in my in my book, Journey to Joy:A Course about Living & Being in Joy.

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When you truly decide to clean house or cleanse your inner vessel, the core of your being, there are a few surprises. It is quite like cleaning out an old closet or drawer that you haven’t touched for some time; you are amazed at what you find stuffed in there.

Well that was how it was when I started cleaning out my life. I had quite a few surprises. I even had some of Grandma’s & Grandpa’s stuff in there. But the best part was when I got it out, I felt so much better. I could breathe again & I felt so Alive Inside. This was truly a Joy Filled Experience.

I continued on my journey looking for & clearing out all my roadblocks, thing in the way of Living & Being in Joy. When I would bump into something uncomfortable in my life I would look at it, decide to get to the core of it & clear it out. I repeated this process daily. My yucky days began to grow further & further apart & my Joy Filled days began to grow closer & closer together. During the clearing out process I learned new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things & I discovered & developed some wonderful tools, which are included in my Journey to Joy course which brought Great Joy to my life. The results I received became the fuel that kept me moving forward on my journey.

Soon my life began to take on new meaning & my days took on a new flavor, like your favorite ice cream on a hot summer day. It was Delicious.

During this wonderful process I did not travel alone. I took friends & family with me. Others found me & we all enjoyed the journey together. Today my life is certainly different than it was years ago. I remember thinking back at the close of each year, “Wow, I have grown & changed so much this year.” Each year I thought I had arrived. But surprisingly the next year I learned more, let go of more, loved more & life got even Better.

Life still presents significant challenges, but as I move forward on my Journey to Joy I use these tools which help me face my challenges head on. I now know what to do with the pain when the board of life smacks me in the face. I know how to move through that moment & how to quickly find the gift in each experience.

I remember my sister said once, “You let go so easily it annoys me.” I chuckled & asked why. She said, Oh I don’t know, I think you need to be miserable much longer than you are.” Life can get easy & fun with the tools found here at Journey to Joy Headquarters.

Once while focusing on the words of a book. I noticed the words were black & the paper white. I realized if they were both white, I would not gain the knowledge & understanding the book had to offer. I needed the contrast. I needed the dark against light to learn, to gain the knowledge presented on the pages before me.

So it is with life, we need both the light & the dark, good & bad to gain the knowledge & experience we came here to get. Both have a place & both are important. Journey to Joy will teach you how to love & appreciate them both & discover their divine purpose & place in your life.

We will become Happy in life when we learn that light & dark, good & bad, have a significant place, & that our Journey to Joy is about learning to love & appreciate them both. This is what makes life wonderful.

There are no limits to how great your life can become. It’s really a matter of how great can you imagine it to be & then moving into it with Joy & ease.

I have developed a course from My Journey to Joy experience that will help you learn to Live & Be in Joy. I have enough information packed in this beginning course that you could use it for years & still learn things. I know this, because that is what I have done. I have been working this process longer than anyone I know & I am still amazed at the experiences I have with it. I have loved my Journey. This experience has been amazing!

What makes this Journey so amazing?

What makes it amazing is that it is all about YOU.

Journey to Joy is a process that will help you discover the best part of YOU,

The Best part of you is really alive & well just waiting to be uncovered.

Journey to Joy will take you to the depths of your soul & awaken
The Seeds of Greatness that lie within.

Read what one of my course members had to say about her Journey to Joy experience.

The first couple of nights during this class, I looked around the room & saw ordinary men & women. I saw people that struggle with the daily demands of raising children, maintaining relationships with their spouses & extended family, finances, & generally not knowing which way life was leading them.
As this class has unfolded, I’ve watched each one of these men & women blossom. They are now what I would call extraordinary. Their faces are glowing, & I hear changes in the words they use. I have watched them transform before my eyes. They no longer struggle with daily life; they now see each challenge as a chance to learn something & to better them selves. They are hopeful, exuberant, positive, & really, truly happy. I’ve watched them explore & discover their lives’ purposes, embrace them, & move forward toward them. The best part of all of this is… the process; it has been done so fast, easy, & with grace. There has been no concentrating to make sure they remember the right way to say things or think about things. It just is.
It has been a life-changing experience! It has been an awakening of my inner self. I am now seeing my true self, not being blinded by the false self. I now remember that we are all perfect. We are after all children of God; we are made in His image & He is perfect.

~ Lora D. Read more >> Testimonials

Are you ready?

Are you ready to be ALL you were meant to be?
Are you ready to let go of the parts of your life that are weighing you down?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions
then you are ready to join me on my next…

Journey to Joy!

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