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Making Your Journey to Joy A Truly Wonderful Experience! Here are a few suggestions to help make the most out of your experience, your unique Journey to Joy. 1.  Reserve the time. If you are really interested in experiencing increased joy, then begin by taking time out for you.  Reserve time each day to experience […]

Making Each Day a Joy Filled Experience. Having Joy in your life is not something that will just happen. Joy is a goal to work towards, an intention, an area of focus, an experience of choice. Everyone wants to be Happy. Most of us experience days or moments of Pleasure & Happiness. But too often […]

Journey To Joy A Course about Living And Being in Joy is all about..⋅. Getting answers to your most difficult life questions and connecting to the part of you that has all of the answers. Did you even know this part existed? Well that’s okay because most of us don’t. Most of us feel like […]

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