Making Your Journey to Joy

A Truly Wonderful Experience!

Here are a few suggestions to help make the most out of your experience, your unique Journey to Joy.

1.  Reserve the time.

If you are really interested in experiencing increased joy, then begin by taking time out for you.  Reserve time each day to experience what you are learning.

Increased and lasting joy is the result of awakening your divine self.  Creating a special time to experience this is important.

2.  Create a peaceful place.

Now that you have reserved the time and have made a commitment to yourself, you need to create a sacred, peaceful place for this to happen.  You will have some wonderful experiences within yourself. You will want to ensure that this time is uninterrupted and the atmosphere supports your experience.  Find a quiet place, a comfortable place, a place just right for you to be alone, so you can discover one of God’s finest creations, YOU!

3.  Prepare a sacred place within yourself.

Now that you have committed to the time and the place, create a sacred space within yourself by preparing your mind and body to receive all that the experience has to offer.  This is accomplished by taking the time to breathe deeply, and to set your intention. Breathing deeply will help you relax, clear away the clutter of the day and help you enjoy the experience on a much deeper level. Setting your intention will enable you to attain your desired goal.  Intending to be in the light, will ensure you are in the frequency of pure joy, while connecting to you highest truth.

4.  Receive the experience fully.

Set an intention with each part of the course to receive the information to the deepest level of your being, to really get at a cellular level the messages of love presented in this work, and to receive the information to your core so that you may indeed experience a fullness of joy.

5.  Process each experience.

Take time out after each experience, class, and imagery session to process what you have learned.  Don’t just jump up and charge into your day.  Let the experience soak in to every cell. Then take time out to record your experiences.  This will bring the experience home and support your retention of it.  Remember, we only want to remember our truth, not what we are letting go of.

6.  Share your experience.

This final step will help you integrate your Journey. Tell a friend about a particular experience or significant moment you had as you experienced Journey to Joy. You may want to share what you discovered about yourself so that they too may celebrate the uniqueness and magnificence of your life.

I hope you find these steps valuable in getting the most out of your experience.


Journey to Joy 

A Course about Living and Being In Joy

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