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    The winter blues is a common symptom this time of year for so many. The weather changes, the temperature drops and people stay inside more to avoid the cold weather. Cabin Fever, being alone, a shortage of work or spending money, not to mention the howl of the wind coming down from the […]

Become proficient in an easy-to-use emotional healing process which can help you through ANY life challenge, and learn to process stress in minutes. Capture a clear vision of your dreams and goals while discovering your purpose and true hearts desires. Discover what makes you happy and how to stay in that HAPPY PLACE Learn all […]

Today when the world and time is moving so quickly and you can connect to information, friends and family with the click of a button, there are still times when you need an old fashion pause in the busyness of daily life. When was the last time you took time out of your day to […]

Experience Tannie’s Basic Stress Release Workshop on the Second Wednesday of January, February and March Learn how to use easy stress relief tools to make this year the best year ever! This month learn: -Self-Hypnosis -Deep Breathing -Introduction to Imagery Meditation & Visualization Wednesday, January 11th at 6-8 pm at The Oneness Center Class Fee $20, […]

By Debra Hale It’s November and the month of Thanksgiving; I can’t think of a better time to learn the magic and science of Gratitude. Have you ever found yourself on the bottom floor of your emotions, not caring whether you live or die, or been so numb to your feelings that you don’t feel […]

“What is the truth behind fear?” Was the question my client asked me during our session. Wow, that is quite a question, I thought to myself, then in response I said, “Let’s go find out.” I always turn to God who is the greatest source of light and truth for the answers. So I asked […]

A heart that is blocked, is a heart that holds fear, a heart that holds fear is a heart that can not fully accept all the glory, beauty and gifts that God has to offer.  A heart that is broken, is a heart that allows the light in.  When light is allowed in, then the […]

Healing actually begins with the desire.  The desire deep in your heart.  It’s a desire for change; it’s a desire to feel better, to accomplish a goal, to arrive or achieve new heights.  Healing is really about change.  What part of your life would you like to change?  Do you want better health, better relationships, […]

Come in to the Oneness Center in Snowflake and experience the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere as you explore our services, products, classes, and seminars. Take a few minutes to relax in our massage chair, and feel how the peaceful music can quiet your soul.  Watch a short presentation about our services and products and get to […]

We each have challenges.  We each have stress.  We each have areas in our life that at times feel insurmountable.  But there is a way over every mountain if you are willing to make the climb.  Some mountains are easy to pass or surpass, some mountains take preparation; whatever the size of your mountain, whatever […]

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